Stealing The Corner Office: The Winning Career Strategies They’ll Never Teach You in Business School

“Whether you’re a corporate newcomer or an entrenched executive, “Stealing the Corner Office” delivers a no-nonsense playbook that breaks the mold of conventional wisdom. Reid’s unique style makes for a thought-provoking and entertaining read.–Yves Dupuis, vice president of sales, Jabra “”Stealing the Corner Office” is a must-read for MBA students, young corporate managers, and top-level executives. Reid delivers an immensely readable and insightful guide to career planning that demystifies the foibles, gaming, and hubris of corporate life.”–Charles McMillan, professor of strategic management, Schulich School of Business “Stealing the Corner Office” is mandatory reading for smart, hardworking managers who always wonder why their seemingly incompetent superiors are so successful. It is a unique collection of controversial but highly effective tactics for middle managers and aspiring executives who want to learn the real secrets for moving up the corporate ladder. Unlike virtually all other business books–which are based on the assumption that corporations are logical and fair–“Stealing the Corner Office” explores the unconventional tactics people less competent than you use to get ahead and stay ahead. It is your proven playbook to thrive and win in an imperfect corporate world. “Stealing the Corner Office” will teach you: How incompetent people so often get ahead, and what you can learn from them.How to make universally flawed corporate policies work in your favor.Why showing too much passion for your ideas can be career suicide.Why delivering results should never be your highest priority. These and many more controversial tactics will change the way you look at your career and how you manage projects, people, and priorities. Apply the 10 principles in “Stealing the Corner Office” and watch your career take off!

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