Life-Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders

This book includes powerful stories from a Marketing Expert and Founder of Jim Rohn Int,
a 7x Emmy-Winning Television Broadcaster, International Top Paid Speakers, Doctors of Medicine, The Godfather of Real Estate, Passive Income Multi-Millionaires, a 31-Year Marine Colonel, Entrepreneurs, and many more who share transformative stories about one moment that changed their lives and set them on the path for success.

“In Life-Defining Moments From Bold Thought Leaders, my long-time friend Kyle Wilson and his fellow contributors created a wonderful book loaded with strategies, ideas, and inspiring stories that will help you achieve new levels of success.”
– Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Fans of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, and Darren Hardy will discover stories full of applicable lessons and strategies that touch the heart and uplift the mind.

Kyle Wilson with Amada Chan, April Krahl, Bob Helms, Carmen Studer, Contessa Akin, Dan Sachkowsky, Diane Consolino, Felecia Froe MD, Freddy Perez, James Malinchak, Jessica Rector, Jim Gardner, Louis Cady MD, Marc-Andre Gagnon, Michael Brownell, Monick Halm, Newy Scruggs, Pat Rigsby, Paul Herchman, Ravin Souvendra Papiah, Reuben Salazar, Robert Crockett, Ron Jones, Sean Murphy, Takara Sights, Tamiel Kenney, Mark Kenney, and Tim Cole seek to create positive, everlasting change in your life and move you to action!

From creators of best-selling books including Mom & Dadpreneurs, The Little Black Book of Fitness, and Passionistas, these are not just feel-good stories. You will read about overcoming financial ruin, battling health challenges, both mental and physical, and surviving tragedies and abuse. You’ll read about persistence, courage, redemption, and unconventional approaches to challenges.

See which stories change your life or the life of a friend. You will see hope. You will connect with these authors who felt fear and took a leap of faith anyway. Your life and success need the best of you. Be present as you turn the pages and imagine what’s possible!

Praise for Life-Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders

“Make your trip to a great life infinitely easier by reading, absorbing, and obtaining all the best that life offers. You will be thrilled to read my good friend and Jim Rohn’s long-time business partner Kyle Wilson’s book. It is an awesome resource to help you have more love, abundance, joy, and fulfillment by living your life passionately on-purpose.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of World’s Best-Selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Serial Entrepreneur in Renewable, Sustainable Energy

“There is no one better than Kyle Wilson to attract world class thought leaders and reveal their most impactful life-defining moments! Kyle’s friends are among the foremost influencers of business, personal development, and entertainment. Readers will treasure these compelling and significant stories for generations.”
– Kelli Calabrese, #1 Best-Selling Author Mom & Dadpreneurs

“People don’t remember days, they remember moments. Life-Defining Moments From Bold Thought Leaders is a must read for anyone who wants to up-level their life and redesign their now. Kyle Wilson and other top achieving co-authors share what it’s like to be the exception and how to accelerate and multiply your success.”
– Olenka Cullinan, Speaker, Founder of Rising Tycoons, Bossbabe & Millennial Success Coach

“In this book my good friend and mentor Kyle Wilson and his coauthors share golden nuggets on how to live a life of your dreams with purpose and passion. A must read. Be inspired, be motivated, and create the life you truly love to live.”
– Jeanette Ortega, Best-Selling Author of The Little Black Book of Fitness, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Creator of Bootoga®

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